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Alles über und über unseren Kaffee.

  • How long does the coffee keep?
    We ship the coffee freshly roasted. The use-by and roasting dates are on the label. In principle, coffee can still be drunk without hesitation a year after it has been roasted, which is why we indicate "Best before 1 year after the roasting date" on the packaging. However, after a year the taste experience will be limited. Basically, you should use up unground coffee within 6 months after the roasting date, so that there are no restrictions on the taste. The situation is different with ground coffee: it has a shorter shelf life without loss of quality and should be used up within 1-2 weeks from the time it was ground. If you have your coffee ground by us, we guarantee that we grind it fresh, i.e. immediately before shipping.
  • How long does it take to ship the coffee?
    We ship the coffee letters and parcels within 1-3 working days of receipt of the order. Everything is delivered free of charge by A-Post. From receipt of your order, your shipment should reach you within a maximum of 4 working days, but usually within 48-72 hours (during working days).
  • Should I order the coffee ground or unground?
    Basically, we recommend ordering coffee from us unground, i.e. as whole beans, then it stays fresh longer (if you don't have a grinder yet: hand grinders are available in stores / supermarkets for little money, e.g. from the Hario brand ). Alternative: We freshly grind the coffee for you immediately before shipping in a professional high-performance grinder (for a small fee of CHF 0.5 per pack of coffee to be ground). Nevertheless, we recommend using the ground coffee quickly - within a week (if stored at room temperature) or a maximum of 2 weeks (if stored in the refrigerator).
  • Can I send a coffee letter as a gift?
    Yes. Please enter: The invoice will be sent to you exclusively by e-mail and NOT enclosed with the coffee letter, so the person receiving the gift will not receive an invoice.
  • What material is used for the coffee letters?
    We use ecologically friendly special materials for the coffee letters and other 250g packs: Thanks to paper and new, recycled PE composites, our 250g packs do not require any aluminum coating or aluminum evaporation. Compared to regular coffee packaging with aluminum content, 4-8 times less CO2 is used in production.
  • What about the sustainability / fairness of your products?
    Coffee: Wherever possible, we try to have a direct relationship with the coffee farmers, which is one of the best ways to ensure fair working conditions, fair wages and fair production methods. In addition, over 90% of our range is certified organic coffee from organic farming. We mark these coffees with "organic" on the packaging (more on this at: https://www. Kaffeemanufaktur-zuerich .ch/certificates). We also only purchase premium coffees (highest quality level) for which the coffee farmer always achieves higher prices than for coffee, which is sold in the supermarket, for example. In the product descriptions in our shop, we always transparently refer to the origin of the coffee. Our goal is to further increase the proportion of coffee that is certified organic. Distribution channels: With the coffee letter, we are making a contribution to reducing packaging material. For orders of less than a kilogram of coffee, cardboard boxes are no longer necessary, which then have to be thrown away immediately. For our customers from the catering sector in Zurich, we deliver large containers directly, which can also be sent back to us for reuse. Packaging: We use food-safe eco-packaging made of paper and PE composite for our 250g packaging and the coffee letter. We completely do without the aluminum that is commonly used and therefore need 4-8 times less CO2 in production than packaging with aluminum content or made of aluminium. E.S.E. Pod / Pad System: With our Easy Serving Espresso system, we provide a sustainable alternative to capsule systems made of aluminum or plastic. See also the post in our blog.< /p>
  • Where should I store my coffee?
    Our packaging is resealable (ZIP seal) and was specially developed for storing coffee. That is why they are best suited for storing our coffees. Whenever possible, you should freshly grind your coffee. If you want to keep ground coffee longer, you can put the pack with the closed ZIP seal in the fridge (shelf life approx. 2 weeks) or in the freezer (shelf life approx. 4 weeks). As a general rule, you should never stock up on too much coffee, either unground or ground coffee. The reason is that coffee tastes best within 6 months from the date of roasting. Therefore: Do not order more coffee than you will consume in 6 months.
  • I like Italian espresso, which coffee is recommended for me?
    For lovers of Italian roasts, we recommend: - Composition Nectar 50 < /p> - Composition Nectar 20 < /p> - Single Origin Coffee Jaika from India - Single Origin Coffee Erevu from Tanzania
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