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Costa Rica - Perla Negra Natural: Las Lajas
  • Costa Rica - Perla Negra Natural: Las Lajas

    Special Process Edition #3: Costa Rica - Perla Negra Natural: Las Lajas


    This coffee was prepared using the Natural process.


    Francisca & Oscar Chacón are the superstars among coffee producers in Costa Rica. They converted their farm to organic farming back in 2000 and in 2008 produced the country's first naturally processed coffee (typically not a common processing method in Costa Rica).


    Their Perla Negra Microlot has become legendary and has helped many barista championship participants win titles. This coffee features the distinctive texture, sweetness, and complexity typically found in Natural coffees, while offering a clarity usually found in washed coffees. Fine aromas of blueberry, honey and dried plum.


    You can find more information about our Special Process Edition here

    • Product info

      - especially suitable for portafilter, AreoPress or fruity espresso

      - roast level: light roast

      - type: 100% Arabica

      - variety: Villa Sarchi, Caturra, Catuaí

      - country: Costa Rica

      - region: Poás

      - farm: Las Lajas m.a.s.l. 1'450

      - process: natural


    • Special Process Edition

      We buy coffees in our Special Process Edition from selected farms in very small quantities, i.e. only one green coffee bsg (approx. 20-40 kg) per type. We focus on coffees that have been prepared using special processes: natural coffees, honey coffees (hybrid process between washed and natural), anaerobic fermented coffees and other experimental methods (e.g. barrel storage). We only stock Special Process Edition coffees for a short time, until the 20-40kg are used up. This also means for you: If you like one of these coffees very much, order it again as soon as possible, because we probably won't have this coffee available again any time soon.

      So far our Single Process Edition released:

      #1: El Salvador - Cuscatlesco - Honey

      #2: Guatemala - El Gigante - Anaerobics


      #3: Costa Rica - Perla Negra Natural: Las Lajas

      More information about the special processes of our coffees here: https://www.

    • Free shipping

      The dispatch takes place within 1-3 working days by A-Post as coffee mailer. Orders with a total weight of 1kg or more will be sent as a parcel (in this case aroma packs that differ from the pictures are used).

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