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Your coffee.
Roasted in Switzerland.

Coffee Subscription: Roastmasters Finest

Coffee Subscription: Roastmasters Finest

Never again boredom in the cup. This coffee subscription contains exclusive connoisseur coffees. Trust our roast master. You will receive 250g of freshly roasted coffee as a coffee letter at the regularity of your choice. Directly into your mailbox or into the mailbox of your loved ones. Every week we send our customers a different coffee: exciting compositions (coffee blends), single-origin coffees and temporary special roasts.


Also ideal as a gift for coffee lovers.

  • Subscription FAQs

    Can I gift the subscription to someone?
    Yes! Simply enter the recipient's address in the recipient's address. If you want to enter a message for the gift recipient, enter it in the "Message for recipients of the coffee subscription..." field.

    How is the subscription billed?
    With each upcoming new subscription delivery, the specified amount is automatically charged to the credit card and we send the delicious coffee on its way.

    Can subscriptions be cancelled?
    Yes, all subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Just write us an e-mail / message and you will no longer receive a new coffee and you will not pay anything from that point on. So there is no risk for you, not even with unlimited subscriptions.

    Can I pause my subscription?
    Sure, just write us by how many weeks we should delay the next delivery.

    Can I extend my subscription?
    Unfortunately not directly, it's best to just buy a new subscription.

    Why can't I pay for subscriptions with TWINT or KLARNA ?
    TWINT and KLARNA do not allow recurring charges, so you have to pay for subscriptions by credit card. If that doesn't work, contact us and we'll find a solution.

    Do I get a different type of coffee with every delivery ?
    We send the same coffee every week to all subscribers who receive a subscription delivery during the week. It can therefore exceptionally happen that you get the same coffee twice. The longer your subscription lasts, the greater the likelihood that you will get a coffee that you already had. Thanks for your understanding!

    Can I freely choose the start of the subscription?
    Write us a message when you place your order if you would like to delay the start of the subscription. Please note: We always send subscription deliveries on Wednesdays.


    Can I also have a subscription with just one variety?
    Sure, order it here

  • Free shipping

    We send the coffee letters for all subscribers every Wednesday by A-Post regardless of the time of the subscription purchase.

CHF 10.90Price
Price Options
1 x pro Monat für 3 Monate
CHF 10.90every 4 weeks for 12 weeks
2 x im Monat für 3 Monate
CHF 10.90every 2 weeks for 12 weeks
1 x pro Monat für 6 Monate
CHF 10.90every 4 weeks for 24 weeks
2 x pro Monat für 6 Monate
CHF 10.90every 2 weeks for 24 weeks
1 x pro Monat, solange du willst
CHF 10.90every month until canceled
2 x pro Monat, so lange du willst
CHF 10.90every 2 weeks until canceled
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