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Jaika - India

Jaika - India

Jaika (meaning: taste, aroma, fragrance) is a noble 100% Robusta coffee for lovers of the intense, Italian espresso style and the extra portion of caffeine. The top grade Cherry Robusta beans, rigorously selected, impress with their full-bodiedness and classic aromas. Our dark roast balances the natural bitterness of the Robusta bean with a mild sweetness. Complex roasted aromas, a nutty-sweet, long-lasting taste of roasted almonds with intense chocolate notes and an unbeatable crema perfect this coffee. Ideal as an espresso, in a milk drink or as an Americano.


This Cherry Robusta coffee is carefully grown and harvested by hand by small farmers. The Manarcadu Social Service Society cooperative is certified organic and Fairtrade, which guarantees fair wages and sustainable farming practices.

  • Product info

    - Especially suitable for: espresso, milk drink, Americano

    - Roast level: dark

    - Type: Robusta

    - Variety: Cherry

    - Country (Region: India (Kerala)

    - Cooperative: Manacardu Social Service Society

    - Altitude: m.a.s.l. 0 - 800

    - Process: washed

  • Experience

    Complex roasted aromas. Sweet-nutty flavor with noble bitterness. Almost no acidity perceptible. Thanks to the almost infinite crema a velvety texture. Intensely chocolaty, long finish.

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    The dispatch takes place within 1-3 working days and is sent by priority mail.

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