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Erevu - Tansania

Erevu - Tansania

Erevu (meaning: clever, alert mind) is a 100% premium Robusta organic coffee for lovers of the extra portion of caffeine (Robusta beans contain 3-4 times more caffeine than Arabica beans).


Strong roasted aromas, reminiscent of dark malt, make the consistency reminiscent of port wine a unique experience. Intense licorice aromas are perceptible on the palate. This dark Italian roast is particularly suitable for ristretto, espresso and milk drinks.


This coffee comes from the Bukoba region and is grown by the organic and Fairtrade certified Kagera Cooperative Union, which pays fair wages and grows coffee under sustainable conditions. The coffee cherries are not washed but dried in traditional African raised beds.

  • Product info

    - Especially suitable for ristretto, espresso, milk drinks

    - Roast level: dark

    - Type: 100% Robusta (organic)

    - Variety: Bukoba

    - Country: Tanzania

    - District (Region): Kagera (Bukoba)

    - Cooperative: Kagera Cooperative Union

    - Altitude: m.a.s.l. 800 - 1'500

    - Process: natural

  • Experience

    Strong roasted aromas: malty aroma, consistency of port wine and intense licorice on the palate.

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    The dispatch takes place within 1-3 working days and is sent by priority mail.

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