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Lungo 44mm E.S.E. Pads

Lungo 44mm E.S.E. Pads

The Lungo is our bestseller Nectar 20 as E.S.E. Pad 44mm, optimized for a water quantity of 40-80ml.


For this composition, two noble, sustainably & fairly produced coffees from India are roasted separately and gently before being combined to Nectar 20. The noble Robusta and Arabica beans come from Kerala, India. After harvesting, the Arabica beans are moistened with the air of the monsoon rains - a special refining method which results in a velvety, nutty taste. The 20% robusta beans of the Cherry variety complement the taste experience of the 80% Arabica beans with tree nut aromas.


Ideal as Lungo or Café Creme and in combination with milk. Also because of the wonderful crema a must for every frahling lover. Because of the low acidity also especially suitable for coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs.


Both coffees were produced by organic and Fairtrade certified farms, which guarantees fair wages and sustainable farming methods.


The E.S.E. (short for: Easy Serving Espresso) pads / pods are the environmentally friendly, as compostable alternative to all plastic or aluminum based capsule systems. The E.S.E. pods are packed loose in a pack of 20 and can be composted after use.

  • Product info

    - Especially suitable for: lungo, milk drinks

    - Roast level: Medium

    - Type: 80% Arabica (organic), 20% Robusta (organic)

    - Varieties: Catimor, Jember, Kents, Cherry

    - Country: India

    - Region: Karala

    - Altitude: m.a.s.l. 200 - 1'200

    - Process: hand picked, washed

  • Experience

    Mild roasted aroma and nutty intense flavor with gentle bitterness. Almost no acid perceptible. Round, silky body. Beautiful crema.

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    The dispatch takes place within 1-3 working days and is sent by priority mail.

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