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Roasted in Switzerland.

Anokha - India

Anokha - India

Anokha (meaning: The Unique) is a Monsooned Malabar Arabica from Kerala, India and owes its name to the monsoon. After harvesting, the coffee beans are moistened with the air from the monsoon rain. This refinement in combination with our gentle, dark roasting ensures a low acidity and an intense, nutty taste.


Ideal as an espresso, in the Espresso pot / Bialetti and in combination with milk. Also a must for every coffee lover because of the wonderful crema. Due to the low acidity, it is also particularly suitable for coffee drinkers with sensitive stomachs.


This Cherry Arabica coffee is carefully cultivated and harvested by smallholders by hand. The cooperative Manarcadu Social Service Societyist Organic and Fairtrade certified, which guarantees fair wages and sustainable cultivation methods.


More about certification.

  • Product info

    - Especially suitable for: Espresso, milk drinks, Americano

    - Roast level: intermediate

    - Type: 100% Arabica (Organic)

    - Variety: Cherry

    - Country: India

    - Region: Kerala

    - Cooperative: Manarcadu Social Service Society

    - Altitude m.a.s.l. 1'050 - 1'200

    - Process: handpicked, washed


  • Experience

    Mild roast aromas and nutty-intensive taste with a gentle bitterness. Almost no perceptible acidity. Round, silky body. Beautiful crema in the fully automatic machine and on the portafilter machine.

  • Free shipping

    The dispatch takes place within 1-3 working days by A-Post as a coffee mailer. Orders with a total weight of 1kg or more, will be sent as a parcel (in this case different aroma packs will be used from the pictures).

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